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Sleep Training Update.

Im so pleased to say that we cracked it, within just four days my baby now sleeps without needing do sooth on the breast.
After day one and it taking 26 minutes to get her to sleep day two was even better it only took 15 minutes, I decided to leave 5 minute intervals between going in to give her back a little rub to reassure her I was still nearby. Day three was 5 minutes of crying and then she was asleep, I was in shock, I had it in my head the first few days would be sleepless and heartbreaking for hours, but no she has amazed us. We are now on day four and she had a little winge and fell straight to sleep, to be totally honest though as soon as she gets near her sleeping bag and cot a little tantrum starts because she knows whats coming. She still wakes at least once through the night, I give her a little feed and take her straight back to her bed AWAKE this is the important part, for this method to work. Again she will have a little cry for a couple of minutes and then drifts off …


First I must apologise for waiting so long to do my next post, Life has juat been so hectic at the moment and at some point I will fill you in on whats been going on but first I must tell you this. I really really hate myself right now but I know its for the best. She may be my fourth baby but I have been really soft this time round, maybe because its highly likely she is my last. She is now 11 months old and still does not sleep through the night because she likes to fall asleep and comfort on the breast, well I have to be honest waking every couple of hours and having to do all the feeding as well as look after my other three kids every day really does take its toll. I feel tired every day, some days feel impossible when im sitting on the couch at around 4ish giving Pippa her feed and my head starts to nod. But I cant just go to sleep, not only because I have other children but because theres not a chance Pippa will be put down without waking.  Well the time has come where I have s…
Check Back next week for an update on Pippa's weaning.
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Review on SONY A5000 Camera

Sorry the photo isn't great, it would have been much better had I took it with my new camera but that would have involved a camera selfie and to be quite honest I would rather not scare any readers away, as today was a PJ day for my family with the weather being shoddy so I'm now in need of a shower after all the running around today. Its the start of the half term and the kids have run me ragged already, though I do really enjoy them being off school for family days even if it is just to parks.
So as half term was coming up and we have a weekend break planned the hubby and I decided to invest in a camera, we normally use our phones which do have decent cameras on but its just not the same as using a real camera.
We went for the SONY A5000 after reading some pretty good reviews and it having everything we wanted and needed. Its a compact camera so its much smaller than a bridge camera, which makes it slightly lighter and easier to hold and store away. I personally thi…

Hair today gone tomorrow

Ok here goes, as much as I hate having my photo taken I have decided to take one of my terrible after pregnancy hair and share it with the whole world of internet mummy's. I really am a very self conscious person so for me this is a huge step, I am one of those people that worries when I walk out the door people will look at that extra bit of weight I've gained recently or the fact I haven't washed my hair for a couple of days and I've cheated with the dry shampoo and think I'm a slob, I know deep down most people aren't as judgemental as the thoughts running through my head say they are but that doesn't change the way I feel. Unfortunately I really haven't had that much choice this time round, it all started just after giving birth to my fourth daughter, hair loss after pregnancy is something I've always had to endure only this time it was different.

I woke one morning went to the bathroom mirror, brushed my hair and started to pull it back into a…


Ok I have decided to do a blog once a week as I dont always have time to update every day and I have tried to write this post three times and every time I do something happens like, the kids fighting over a blue crayon or fighting over the colour of a silly ikea plate and so on.
This week I decided to have a rant about childrens exams because my 11 year old daughter is currently sitting her year 6 sats. I have been relatively lucky as my daughter hasn't stressed out over these tests but I do know that plenty of children have. I think its a disgrace to have children so young suffering anxiety and put under so much pressure all so the government can see how well the school is performing. Shouldn't the children be asessed all throughout the year and make the tests less stressful by making it casual. When I was in primary school I dont remember it being a very big deal or maybe I just wasn't that bothered, I mean I have to admit I was never very bright and was always a bit of …